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using proven techniques to empower you to live your best life

Be Empowered to live an EPIC life.
Finally break free from what has been holding you back.
Reclaim your potential to be the best version of you!

Why attend a retreat?


In our modern world, lifestyle stimulation is at an all time high. Never have we been more connected and disconnected at the same time.

We are constantly switched on with little if any downtime.

We are doing more thinking. And more often. Our brains have to process more information than ever before.

Rarely do we get the time and space to stand back and assess how any of this busyness fits in with our own priorities.

A retreat is a wonderful opportunity to step back from daily lives to recharge with rest & relaxation

A retreat gives us the space – away from all the pressures, all the distractions  – to really listen to our bodies, and to allow the mind-body -energy alignment to facilitate deep healing.

A retreat affords us dedicated time to reconnect with what lights us up, so we can fully harness aligned energy to pursue what is truly important to us.

Why Gravity - Epic Retreats?

Have you ever taken some time off to recharge, only to fall straight back into stress and frazzled thinking when you got back into routine?

Or perhaps you have felt the desire to go after an important goal but the thought of starting the project left you overwhelmed and flat?

That’s because real empowerment requires a thorough, systematic and sequential approach:

woman shining



Recharge mind and body with deep rest and relaxation


Realign mind, body and energy to access innate powers of deep healing that can only happen in the recharged – realigned state


Reignite purpose and focus towards your most passionate pursuits

Our mind, body and energy are intimately connected.
When you impact one, the other two feel it.

Any investment we make to improve mind, body and energy will undoubtedly impact all aspects of life.

We get to…

Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of our daily life
Enjoy deep rest and healing
Be looked after
Re Energise
Develop self focus
Experience a deep connection with ourselves
Reflect on where we’re at and where we want to be
Deepen our insights
Discover proven approaches to optimise our lives

What happens on our retreats?

Gravity & Epic Retreats use Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) including the latest scientific research on health, healing, epigenetics and neuroscience.

It’s an immersive experience working deeply on clearing blockages and barriers. 

You will experience a deep renewal and increased awareness that will upgrade your mind and body.


No matter what your experience level you will gain deep insight and calm from meditating at the retreat.

It includes knowledge sharing to enhance your understanding and practice of meditation, & provides an opportunity to completely immerse yourself in stillness.



These sessions are suitable for all levels and body types. They are a gentle, fluid sequence of postures.

These energising and healing classes help the physical body to release built-up tension & channel the energy into the spine.


Become aware of your breath, optimal breathing assists with reducing anxiety.

You will learn two breathwork techniques.

Both are powerful & deeply restorative. They will also assist with meditation, calming the mind, purifying & instilling deep rest in the body.

Sound healing

Sound Healing

As vibrational energetic beings, sound healing can help clear energetic blockages & facilitates healing on a physical & mental level. 

It tunes into a primitive need & response is effortless. 

This form of healing is excellent for release of tension, emotional balance & pain relief.

woman restful meditation

You will be amazed at how differently you will feel at the end of the retreat compared to when you arrived. You will feel a deep stillness and increased insight into how you can better align your body, energy and emotions. You will feel empowered with:

Greater clarity
Enhanced thinking
Increased self-awareness
Clearer self purpose
Increasing sense of calm and compassion

Invest in yourself. Invest in your future.
You deserve to live an epic life.

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1,995 twin share

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