Transformation Coaching

Your EPIC Performance Coach

If you are looking to make changes or attain a goal that’s eluded you, then this is a great time to get a coach.                  Toni will facilitate the process and help accelerate your success. 

Together you will review habits and actions that are no longer serving, what are the roadblocks stopping your progress.  It’s a dynamic relationship that involves challenging your self-perception, limiting beliefs so you can move to self actualisation by tapping into your subconscious, for insights and solutions.


This is why successful leaders AND ELITE ATHLETES employ coaches to lead them through each step of their DEVELOPMENT.

constantly setting new goals and always working on their mindset.


Private 1 on 1 Coaching

These sessions are personalised and confidential, helping you clarify your vision. You choose the purpose of the sessions over a time frame that suits you. Toni works with you to self explore and self actualise. Identifying the barriers holding you back and developing insights to reignite your life and propel you forward to the life you want.

Book 6 month package of 12 sessions 


12 month package of 24 sessions.

Sessions can be held in person or online worldwide

Group Coaching

Fortnightly LIVE group coaching sessions with Toni Basile in packages of 6 or 12.

Access to private Facebook Group where you have access to Toni and virtual support from the EPIC community.

LIFETIME access to the program modules including videos, workbooks and a library of resources to support your transformation process from overwhelm to empowered.

Access is online worldwide


Meet Toni Basile

Toni is a Certified Coach, Socialworker, Mindfulness (MBSM) practitioner, Mental Health First Aid Instructor and Entrepreneur. She has over 30 years experience working with Australian public sector organisations: human services, health, housing, justice and regulation. 

Her professional and personal experience in managing change has given her the opportunity to serve and support 1,000s of professionals to create and implement sustainable change in complex environments. Through this experience she has gained a unique insight into empowering people with an actionable road map to regain control, increase performance and lead fuller lives.

Today, Toni uses her knowledge to help clients relaunch their lives by learning how to dial down their stress, revive their energy and reinstate their self belief to deliver extraordinary results.