Happily Nourished

Start your journey to body, love, and peace.

What if you could easily, and naturally, manage your
relationship with food for the rest of your life?

Emotional and Comfort eating doesn’t just disappear…

It is often the underlying cause of a lifelong struggle with weight.

Do you eat….

when you are not hungry?
as a reward?
for comfort?
mindlessly with little attention to the food or texture?
as a distraction from a task you’re finding difficult?
When you’re bored, angry or anxious?

If you answered yes to 2 or more then this is for you.

Recharge – Realign – Reignite
A 3-step program that will finally get you the certainty and assurance you need to see food as nourishment.

Emotional eating has underlying triggers that need to be unpacked. It’s personal and emotional. Overcoming emotional eating is not an easy feat. If it was, you would have done it already. You need the support to help you control it.

Even after Bariatric (gastric) surgery, the amount of food you can eat at one time is decreased, but the desire to eat, to cope with emotions is not affected.

Bariatric surgery helps to control portion sizes, but it does not change the occurrence of emotional eating. Finding your triggers and coping with emotions without food can be a large adjustment, but you can overcome it.

You have taken a significant steps to invest in your health
through years of action or even surgery…
take the next step by being Happily Nourished.


Learn how to recharge by understanding where overwhelm around food stems from. Understand your values and find what’s needed to live a balanced life whilst freeing yourself of the destructive eating habits and thoughts.


We do this holistically – realigning your mind, body and energy. Assessing you and your world holistically. We work together to determine what behaviours and habits need to change.

3 - Reignite

Then we are able to ignite your ability to master your thought processes around food. You’ll be re-flaming your passion for life where you finally get to master your emotions and energy.

Finding your triggers and coping with emotions without food is achievable

Imagine having your own coach...being part of a group
of like-minded people...being supported each step of the way.

Finally, you’ll get to:

Understand your very own personal triggers that induce emotional eating
Experience the stark difference between mindful and mindless eating
Identify your specific cravings
Utilise strategies and tools that allow you to master your mind body connection

Ensure Lifelong Weight Management Success

Give yourself the best chance of success by:

Putting an end to emotional eating
Letting go of food guilt and body shame once and for all
Learning how to listen to your body and honour its cues
Improving your relationship with eating & food
Free your mind from endless self-comparison
Find love & acceptance of your body

Accountability is the glue that ties change to different outcomes

Here’s what you get as part of the Happily Nourished Program:

A dedicated accountability coach
Weekly* online group sessions for support, education and accountability
A community of individuals who share the same issues and challenges
Resources and information to build strategies and tools to address your relationship with food

*The 3-Step Happily Nourished Program is delivered over the course of the first 12 weeks.
Thereafter, participants can choose to stay on for ongoing support and accountability.

Let go of guilt and shame once and for all.
The time to do something about it is now.

Investment: $497 for 12 sessions

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