From Overwhelmed to Empowered - Live the Life You Deserve


Are you stressed-out, on the brink of burn out?

Can't focus & feel like life is out of your control?

Want to know how to reduce stress?

How to improve your health so you feel you have abundant energy?

You’ve worked extremely hard to get to where you are in your career.

You’re what’s called a ‘high performing professional’, someone who has really given it everything to get to where they are – but at what cost?

You set out to make a difference, fulfil your potential and now you’re living a life of just getting through each day. And those big dreams you once had for yourself have faded away.

What started out as feeling a little under the pump, has quickly grown into choking overwhelm – the simplest decision can leave you feeling emotionally and physically drained.

Your ability to keep performing at the level you’ve been for years has started to decline. Your capability is being pulled into question and is impacting your career progression.

You’re not sleeping.

The stress is showing on your waistline.

And your relationships are stretched.

You know things can’t go on like this for much longer…..

The EPIC program I’ve designed and developed, coupled with individual support and accountability, will enable you to unlock your highest potential

It’s designed to increase your performance and reignite your world with sound principles based on neuroscience, psychology and quantum physics.


Learn how to recharge by understanding where overwhelm stems from. Understand your values and find what’s needed to live a balanced life whilst freeing yourself of destructive habits and thoughts.


We do this holistically – realigning your mind, body and energy. Assessing you and your world holistically. You work with my team and I to determine what behaviours and habits need to change .


Then we are we able to reignite your potential with mind mastery.

You’ll be re-flaming your passion for life where you finally get to master your emotions and energy.

You will then move towards empowerment and reclaim your potential to be the best version of you!

Become EPIC in your life


Meet Toni Basile

As a Certified Coach, Social Worker, Mental Health First Aid Instructor and entrepreneur. I have worked with high achieving professionals for over 30 years. Individuals who achieve the impossible daily, producing amazing outcomes with limited time and resources. 

I understand how you feel when you are at the top of your game and equally when you’re at the other end, feeling you have no control, feeling overwhelmed and invisible. Not knowing what your purpose is anymore.

Traditional responses provided little effect for me. I have read relentless research the latest approaches and knowledge of mindbody connection. I have undertaken trials and consultations with integrated medicine, mental health and health professionals which took me on a journey of discovery. 

I’ve learnt approaches and made connections between stress response, energy, metabolism and immunity. This integrated and functional biological approach provided the answers to address my stress and depression responses.

I was able to thoroughly understand my biology, alongside lifestyle. I’ve made changes using non invasive processes to regain control over my body and life. I have built a wellness team around me to restore balance both mentally and physically. My energy levels and immunity are now at a premium level. 


To have others learn these secrets and bring each person to their best possible performance and potential is now my life’s mission.

If this speaks to you and want to find out how this program could work for you, simply book a breakthrough call below and let’s chat!