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Change is inevitable but burnout isn’t.


With 30% of current businesses and organisations predicted to not survive the next 10 years, it's the self awareness of the leaders and people in your business that make all the difference.

Only when you navigate the changing conditions proactively and consciously can you lead both organisational and system-wide interventions. Ambiguity and unpredictability has never been higher, with it comes fear and overwhelm.

Meet Toni Basile

Toni Basile is your high performance coach. She can work with leaders in your organisations with customised consultations for Performance, Change and Burnout Prevention. Toni has over 30 years working with Australian public sector organisations: human services, health, housing, justice, regulation.

Her professional and personal experience in managing change has given her the opportunity to serve and support 1,000s of professionals to create and implement sustainable change in complex environments. Through this experience she has gained a unique insight into empowering people with an actionable road map to regain control, increase performance and lead lives with purpose.

Today Toni uses her knowledge to help leaders relaunch by learning how to dial down their stress, recharge their energy, realign themselves holistically and reignite their self belief to deliver extraordinary and empowered results.