Meet Toni Basile

Toni Basile is the CEO and founder of EPIC Coaching & Consultancy. She is also the CEO of Gravity Floatation and is the founder and president of Floatation Therapy Australia.

Toni’s program takes a holistic and integrated approach to high performance and a balanced life that was born out of Toni’s own personal journey from the brink of burnout.

Toni found herself exhausted after years of balancing: a full time demanding senior leadership role, children with learning needs, and being a primary carer to an elderly terminally ill parent. She tried everything to gain balance and space, her identity was completely wrapped up in her job. As a result of being mentally and physically exhausted, she became unable to perform her roles effectively. Her
energy levels were low, her inability to think clouded by brain fog and procrastination… It was surviving day to day. She knew this could not continue and was determined to find a way through.


Traditional responses provided little effect. Through relentless research of the latest approaches and knowledge of mind body connection. Endless trials and consultations with mental health and health professionals took her on a journey of discovery. These approaches made connections between stress response, metabolism and immunity, which has led to her creating a unique program from the most cutting edge knowledge to help others deal with burnout.

Toni was able to thoroughly understand her biology, alongside her lifestyle. She made changes using non invasive processes to regain control over her body and life. She has built a wellness team around herself to restore balance both mentally and physically and set her energy levels and immunity to a premium level.

Her passion to have others learn these secrets and bring them to the best possible performance and potential is now her life’s mission. She has developed a program backed by science and is evidence based… that allows you to unlock the underlying cause of signs and symptoms, alongside individual support and accountability, to unlock your highest potential.

Toni has over 30 years working with Australian public sector organisations: human services, health, housing, justice and regulation. Her professional and personal experience in managing change has given her the opportunity to serve and support 1,000s of professionals to create and implement sustainable change in complex environments. Through this experience she has gained a unique insight into empowering people with an actionable road map to regain control, increase performance and lead fuller lives.

Today, Toni uses her knowledge to help clients relaunch their lives by learning how to dial down their stress, revive their energy and reinstate their self belief to deliver extraordinary results.

“High Performers lead change not react to it,
they are made by habit and practice.”
- Toni Basile